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Increase revenue from LinkedIn. Access the systems and principles I've used to bring in over $5,411,892.53 of revenue and counting.

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Join 242+ sellers, consultants, agency owners, and founders who built a revenue-generating LinkedIn strategy.

Reframe Your Mindset 

1. Social selling is not what you think it is. The people making millions of dollars on LinkedIn practice these 3 principles that change them from "just another salesperson" into a trusted expert.

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Engage Your Prospects 

2. Learn the one critical piece that most people miss when it comes to commenting and DMing on LinkedIn. How to build your credibility and build the right relationships with executive buyers.

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Write High-Converting Posts 

3. Go from being afraid to publish, to knowing exactly what to write about. Learn how to build trust & capture leads with different types of content. Play-by-play LinkedIn post breakdowns.

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"Your social selling course was instrumental in my success last quarter (my first quarter out of ramp). Seriously the best thing. I was 150% quota for the quarter. Second of all other BDRs at Gainsight. And I have started getting inbound. All from being in conversations with people who are talking about Community and Customer Success."


-Jennifer Gladden, Sales @ Gainsight

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Erik Berglund

Founder @ Language of Leadership

"This really helped me break down a few mental barriers I have around using Linkedin to sell. I feel like I have permission to be myself and authentically connect with people, rather than feeling like I need to 'grind' out enough connection requests or become super invested in some automated process. I appreciate the reminder, and examples, of how to 'show, not tell' and how that the impact of valuing my own time goes well beyond my own calendar (it shows others how valuable my time is). Great course!"